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Automatic grissini machine 100 kg/h

Automatic grissini machine 100 kg/h

€42,000.00 Regular Price
€33,600.00Sale Price

Automatic grissini machine 100 kg/h


Introducing our cutting-edge fully automatic grissini machine, designed and manufactured in Italy. Our advanced model enables you to effortlessly produce delectable breadsticks on a baking sheet. Simply load the unrolled dough into the machine, and it will handle the rolling process autonomously. Our specially crafted equipment ensures the production of crispy grissini made from various dough types, including rice, corn, wheat, mixed grains, gluten-free, and flavored additives.

Setting up the machine is a breeze. Configure the desired parameters for the finished product, and the machine takes care of the rest, operating fully automatically. The secret to success in this business lies in the original recipe and packaging. We offer versatile packaging options, such as paper, blister, box, or flow pack, allowing you to customize the presentation to your liking.


Our grissini machine is available as a standalone unit or as part of a complete production line (from mixer to palletizer), all conveniently mounted on a tray. All surfaces that come into contact with the dough are made of INOX stainless steel or Teflon, ensuring hygiene and durability. With an output capacity of up to 100 kg per hour, our machine guarantees efficient production.


The tension of the breadsticks on the baking sheets can be adjusted using the speed variator, providing flexibility and control. Additionally, the lever allows you to change the length of the grissini even while the machine is running. Whether you work with soft or hard dough, our grissini machine handles it with ease, spreading sticks on flat or corrugated baking sheets. The thickness of the dough is conveniently displayed numerically on the user-friendly interface.


Technical Specifications:


Forming rollers with diameters ranging from 4 to 12 mm
Dough thickness adjustable between 4 and 12 mm
Dough width of 15 cm
Stick length options of 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 18, and 26 cm
Baking sheet dimensions of 60 x 40 cm
Baking sheet output speed of 5 pieces per minute
Production capacity of up to 100 kg per hour.



Additional stainless steel mold: EUR 1.800,00
Additional mold with Teflon coating: EUR 1.700,00


In different countries, this equipment may be called differently: automatic grissini breadsticks machine, breadsticks machine, automatic breadsticks machine, breadsticks equipment Italian, breadsticks machine 100 kg/h, commercial equipment for breadsticks production, used breadsticks machine, commercial equipment for bredsticks.


Transport: Transportation costs are the responsibility of the buyer. We offer worldwide delivery to any non-sanctioned country, subject to prior agreement.


Packing: The product price includes standard packing using a wooden pallet and a carton box. If desired, you can opt for separate packaging in a wooden box for an additional EUR 200.00.


Warranty: The warranty period for new equipment is 12 months for mechanical parts and 6 months for electronic components.


Technical Inspection and Repairs: Our technical staff performs thorough technical inspections and functional testing of electronic components at our office in Italy. The buyer is responsible for the costs associated with technical inspection, transportation, packaging of spare parts for repair or replacement, as well as labor costs for installing spare parts.

Please note that using non-original spare parts or performing unauthorized technical actions voids any warranty obligations. The warranty does not cover parts subject to normal wear and tear or damage caused by improper maintenance during machine operation. In such cases, the buyer cannot claim damages from the manufacturer.


Buyer's Responsibility: Upon delivery, it is the buyer's responsibility to thoroughly inspect the equipment to ensure it complies with the contractual requirements and is free from any transport-related damage. In the event of damage, the machine should not be used, and the buyer must notify us within 7 days. The manufacturer's responsibility is limited to reimbursement or replacement of only those parts deemed damaged or faulty by the manufacturer. Complete machine replacement is not included, and the manufacturer is not liable for collateral damage or loss of customers due to a damaged or faulty machine. Damaged or faulty parts are replaced with new ones only after they are received at the factory.


Warranty Exclusions - The warranty does not cover the following situations:

Accidental damage during transportation
Damage caused by improper use, negligence, or insufficient maintenance
Malfunctions resulting from improper machine installation
Unauthorized interventions or malicious interference by third parties
Problems or damages arising from the absence or poor application of the instructions described in the "Operation and Maintenance Manual".


VAT: VAT is not included in the price.


Commissioning: The cost of installation and commissioning of the machine by our technical staff is EUR 500,00 per day, excluding transport and accommodation expenses.


EU Compliance: All our machines come with a printed "Operation and Maintenance Manual" containing the EC Declaration of Conformity and a corresponding nameplate.


Manufacturer's Responsibility: The manufacturer does not bear any responsibility for the misuse of the machine.


Claims: Claims will only be considered if submitted in writing within 7 days of receipt of the goods. The Court of Italy is the legal entity responsible for resolving possible claims.


Delivery of Goods: Delivery of goods without written approval and relevant accompanying documents is not permitted.


Manufacturer: Italy


Factory Price (EXW): 42.000,00 EUR