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Automatic machine for packaging cottage cheese

Automatic machine for packaging cottage cheese


We are offering you a new Serbian automatic machine for packaging fresh (small) cheese, in polystyrene or polypropylene cups, which is closed with thermal weld in the zone of pressure (sterilized air, HEPA filter, class H14), in volumes of 0,25 till 0,50 liters.


The concept of this machine is such that in the automatic cycle there are a few synchronized functions performed: the take over of the cups from the magazine, treatment with UV lamps, dosing with measuring in the pressure ( added tank with pump for conveying fresh cheese), taking aluminum lids from the magazine with treatment by UV lamps, welding of lids, ink-yet, dating, putting pop up lids, and displacing full and closed dishes at the reception craft table.   


In the automatic mode, synchronized functions are performed:
Container intake from the tray is synchronized with the processing of the container by a UV lamp, 
Dosing - weighing under increased pressure (an additional vessel with a pump for delivery of fresh cottage cheese),
A fence of aluminum covers from a tray - with the processing of covers by a UV lamp,
Sealing of aluminum foil - with printing (inkjet printer) dates,
Closure of lids - with the dispatch of filled and closed containers to the reception table.



This is one serial, line horizontal machine that works in tact mode of operation and according to the kind of drive and way of functioning, this machine represents a combination of mechanical and pneumatic mechanisms-modules.


The motoreductor moves the machine, which over the splitter drive moves the main beam of the machine and the pitch gear of the transporter. On the split reductor is a wheel with a safety pin, which keeps the machine of overcharge. The conveyor (with an automatic lubrication) has the role of interphase connecting all the elements of the cycles of the machine, that is transfer, which spreads the cups from one to another mechanism, to the cup ejector which finally ejects it onto the reception table, from where worker collects them and packs. Treatment of cups and lids with UV lamps as a zone located in the dosage of the armored machines with filtrated air (HEPA filter), and pressure zone (see picture). HEPA filter absorbs surrounding air through the front filter, filtrates it into an absolute filter, and sends the enclosed part of the machine. In the filter housing is a precision manometer that reads the difference in pressure between the environment and the enclosed part of the machine, where are placed dosing valve, UV treatment cups, and UV treatment of Al covers. This provides great bacteriological security during the packaging of dairy products. The dosage is volumetric (piston), and the doser supplies from the added tank with a pump for conveying fresh cheese. After Thermo welding, the machine is in