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Automatic Puffed Rice Production Line 100 kg/hr

Automatic Puffed Rice Production Line 100 kg/hr


Automatic Puffed Rice Production Line 100 kg/hr


Introducing our fully automated puffed rice production line with a capacity of 100 kg/hr. The approximate figures provided above pertain to the raw material input into the machine, considering a final expanded product density of at least 100 g/L. It's essential for the raw material to be free from dust and impurities, visually uniform, capable of being efficiently dehusked if required, and have a moisture content of 12 to 13%. This is a completely automated machine.


Operating Principle:

Initial phase to reduce moisture in the product.
Compression of the product using injected steam.
Expansion in a standard atmosphere and collection within a soundproof tunnel.
Key Features:

Cooking pipe with electric heating, adjustable speed, and temperature control.
Pressure vessel with steam injection controlled by an electromagnetic valve.
Soundproof tunnel to reduce noise from the compression phase and for product collection.
Cycle phases controlled through an electrical control panel.

Technical Specifications:


Installed electrical power: 30 kW
Consumed electrical power: 20 kW
Compressed air consumption: 6 bar / 4 m³
Dry saturated steam consumption: 100 kg/hr
Required steam pressure: 20 bar


This equipment is versatile enough to produce puffed grains and legumes, ideal for making quick-cooking porridge with various nutritious additives, snacks, or even Hawaiian candies as shown in the photos. Adding milk, hot chocolate, yogurt, marshmallows, or peanut butter to these puffed grains will enhance their appeal.


In different countries, this equipment may have different names: automatic puffed rice production line, cereal puffing machine, puffing gun, puffing grain production line, puffing gun machine, puffing gun equipment, puffing grain machine, puffing grain line, puffing gun machinery.


Transport: At the expense of the buyer to any non-sanctioned destination in the world.


Packaging: Standard packaging includes a wooden pallet and cardboard box. Wooden crate packaging is available at an additional cost upon request.


Warranty: The warranty period for new equipment is 12 months for mechanical parts and 6 months for electronic components.

Repairs or replacements with non-original spare parts void the manufacturer's warranty.


Buyers must ensure that the equipment is technically compliant upon delivery and free from any transport damage. In case of any issues, the manufacturer's responsibility is limited to the replacement of parts that are deemed faulty or non-functional by the manufacturer.


Situations not covered by warranty include accidental damages during transport, damages due to improper use or lack of maintenance, issues caused by incorrect installation, unauthorized interventions, or malicious interference.


VAT: Not included.


Commissioning: Not included. The cost for installation and commissioning by technical staff is 450.00 EUR per day, plus transport and accommodation expenses.


EU Compliance: Machines are accompanied by an "Operation and Maintenance Manual" containing the EC conformity certificate and appropriate labeling.


Manufacturer's Liability: The manufacturer is not responsible for improper machine use.


Claims: Claims are only considered if submitted in writing within 7 days of receiving the product. Legal responsibility for resolving claims lies with the court in Italy.


Product Delivery: Product delivery without prior written agreement and accompanying documents is not allowed.


Manufacturer: Italy


Factory price EXW: from 209.000,00 EUR

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