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Automatic textured soybean TVP line

Automatic textured soybean TVP line


Automatic textured soybean TVP line


Certainly, we're glad to provide you with a budget proposal for an Automatic Textured Soybean TVP Line from South Africa. This state-of-the-art extrusion plant is designed to produce high-quality Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) from defatted soybean meal, with a robust capacity of 500 kg/hour. Please note that this proposal offers an overview of the primary components and operations, excluding packaging lines, to give you a comprehensive understanding of the TVP extrusion plant.


1. Extruder System
Description: A sophisticated extruder system with cutting-edge technology for TVP production.
Capacity: 500 kg/hour

2. Steam Preconditioning System
Description: Advanced steam preconditioning system for optimal TVP processing. Ensures ideal texture and quality.

3. Drying and Cooling System

Description: Comprehensive system for drying and cooling TVP to the desired specifications.
Facilitates quality control and consistency.

4. Automation and Controls

Description: Cutting-edge automation and control systems to manage the entire production process.
Enhances efficiency, precision, and ease of operation.


Technical Details:

Capacity: 500 kg/hour
Steam Generation System:
Boiler Room: Saturated steam
Water Treatment and Softening: Required
Steam Pressure in Boiler: 8 bar
Boiler Steam Supply: To meet the demand of the production process.

This Automatic Textured Soybean TVP Line is meticulously designed to ensure seamless and efficient production, transforming defatted soybean meal into premium-quality TVP. The proposed components and systems collectively create a cohesive and sophisticated manufacturing environment for TVP production.


Feel free to contact us for further discussions and tailored solutions to meet your TVP production objectives. We are here to guide you through the process and assist you in establishing a successful TVP production line that meets your requirements.

1. Extruder TX65 with steam conditioning $220.135,00
2. Steam preconditioner $30.873,00
3. Installation before and after processing with drying, cooling, transportation, extraction, screening, automation, instrumentation and controls $518.792,00


Power supply:
Voltage: 380V
Twin screw extruder: main drive 100 kW
Dryer: main drive 50 kW
Cooler: main drive 15 kW
Transformer: 450 kW

Steam generation system:
Boiler room: Saturated steam
Water treatment and softening: Yes required
Steam pressure in the boiler: 8 bar
Boiler steam supply: 375 kg/h steam
Steam requirement for preconditioning: 125 kg/h steam
Steam requirement for dryer: 250 kg/h steam


In different countries, our equipment may have different names: Complete Textured Soybean