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Cereal puffing machine

Cereal puffing machine


Cereal puffing machine


Introducing our innovative Cereal Puffing Machine, a versatile equipment designed for producing exploded grains and beans, similar to the principle of popcorn. This machine is perfect for creating a variety of cereals for fast food, healthy snacks, or delightful Hawaiian sweets, as depicted in the photo. The resulting grains can be enjoyed by adding milk, hot chocolate, yogurt, marshmallows, or peanut butter, offering a delightful treat to consumers.


The equipment consists of a sealed container where grains are loaded. As the container rotates, it heats up. Upon opening the hatch, the grains explode and pour into the collection bin. The production capacity is approximately 4 kg per shot, and the machine can perform about 5 - 6 shots per hour. For smaller containers (3 kg per shot), operation without a protector is also possible, especially in markets.


Pressure Settings for Different Grains:

Corn: 1.2 - 1.3
Rice: 1.0 - 1.1
Barley: 1.2 - 1.3
Wheat: 1.7 - 1.8
Beans: 0.5 - 0.6
Peanuts: 0.5 - 0.6
Walnut: 0.4 - 0.5

Once the specified pressure is achieved, opening the lid of the grain container yields the desired result.


Technical Specifications:


Capacity: Approximately 20 kg/hour
Power Supply: 220 V, 50/60 Hz
Heater Type: Natural gas
Dimensions: 1950 mm x 600 mm x 800 mm (protective cover length: 1250 mm)
Weight: 160 kg


When purchasing the main equipment, we recommend ordering consumable spare parts for one year of operation, as the gas-heated body requires these components:


5 Gauges x $32.00 = $160,00
2 Teflon Protective Rings x $150,00 = $300,00
10 Closure Clips x $53,00 = $530,00


In different countries, this equipment may have different names: Cereal puffing machine, puffing gun, puffing grain production line, puffing gun machine, puffing gun equipment, puffing grain machine, puffing grain line, puffing gun machinery.


Transport: at the expense of the buyer. We offer delivery to any non-sanctioned country worldwide, subject to prior agreement.


Packing: standard packing wooden pallet + carton box included in the product price. At the request of the buyer for a separate payment, packing in a wooden box is possible.


Warranty: The warranty period for new equipment is 12 months for mechanical parts and 6 months for electronic parts.


The check of electronic components is carried out by technical staff at our company office in Korea. The costs associated with technical inspection, functional testing, transportation and packaging of spare parts for their repair or replacement, as well as labor costs for the installation of spare parts, as mentioned above, are at the expense of the Buyer.


Repair or replacement of machine parts with non-original spare parts, voids any warranty obligations from the Manufacturer, this also applies in case of technical actions not presented in the “Operation and Maintenance Manual” machines or which are performed without the permission of the manufacturer. Parts of the machine that are subject to normal wear or improper maintenance during the operation of the machine are not covered by the warranty. In all of the above situations, the Buyer cannot claim damages from the Manufacturer.


The buyer is obliged to check that, upon delivery to the destination, the equipment technically fully complies with the contractual requirements and that no damage was found during transport. Otherwise, the client must not use the machine and notify us within 7 days. The responsibility of the Manufacturer is limited to the reimbursement or replacement of only those parts that, in the opinion of the Manufacturer, are damaged (faulty) or non-functional. In case of detection of damaged (faulty) parts of the machine, a complete replacement of the machine is excluded and the Manufacturer is not responsible for collateral damage or loss of customers of the Buyer due to a damaged (faulty) machine. Damaged (faulty) parts are replaced with new ones only after they are received at the factory.


The following situations are not covered by the warranty:

Accidental damage during transportation;
Damage caused by improper use of the machine or as a result of its negligence and insufficient maintenance;
Malfunctions caused by improper installation of the machine;
Interventions performed by unauthorized third parties or other malicious interference;
The company is not responsible for problems, damages, incidents that may arise as a result of the absence or poor application of the instructions described in the “Operation and Maintenance Manual for the machine”. Any use or intervention on a machine that does not comply with the manual mentioned above should be considered wrong and inappropriate.


VAT: not included


Commissioning: not included. The cost of installation and commissioning of the machine, carried out by the technical staff, is $500,00 per day, plus transport and accommodation costs.


EU Compliance: all machines are accompanied by a printed "Operation and Maintenance Manual", which contains the EC Declaration of Conformity, as well as the corresponding nameplate.


Responsibility: The manufacturer does not bear any responsibility for the misuse of the machine.


Claims: Possible claims will only be taken into account if they are submitted in writing within 7 days from receipt of the Goods. The legal entity responsible for resolving possible claims is the Court of Korea.


Delivery of goods: delivery of goods without written approval and relevant accompanying documents is not allowed.


Manufacturer: Korea


Factory Price FOB: from $7.340,00