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Crispbread production equipment

Crispbread production equipment

€11,600.00 Regular Price
€10,440.00Sale Price

Crispbread production equipment


Multifunctional machine model 40 for the production of crispy bread type FINNCRISP, as well as other Italian snacks - sticks grissini, bagels, taralli, and biscotti cookies. The company produces, a molder for the production of such loaves. Equipment suitable for the production of crispbread from rice, corn, wheat, and mixed grain dough, including gluten-free or with flavor additives. The secret to success in this business lies in the original recipe and packaging. We load the best already rolled and well-laminated dough. Cutting off the length of finished products is done automatically. Laying bread on a baking sheet by hand, you can adapt and substitute a baking sheet from below.


Equipment technical data:


modification S (for crispbreads), having a thickness of 3-12 mm
production capacity up to 80 kg/h
electric power of equipment 0.46 KW
weight 150 kg
height 80 cm
length 75 cm
width 140 cm


Options: In addition to the matrix installed on the machine (specified at the time of ordering), other dies can be obtained for
various types and diameters of other products 4-24 mm. A standard order includes one test matrix.


Additional stainless steel matrix - 2.100,00 EUR
Additional matrix with Teflon coating - 1.900,00 EUR


Note: The price includes packaging in bubble wrap. If you prefer packaging in formwork, there will be an additional charge of 100,00 EUR.


In different countries, our equipment may have different names: crispbread production equipment, bread making equipment, bread making machine, bread former, bread making equipment, bread making machine, thin crispbread machine, wheat bread former


Transport: Transportation costs are the responsibility of the buyer. We offer delivery to any non-sanctioned country worldwide, subject to prior agreement.


Packing: The product price includes standard packing using a wooden pallet and a carton box. Upon request, you may opt for a separate payment for packing in a wooden box.


Warranty: The warranty period for new equipment is 12 months for mechanical parts and 6 months for electronic components.


Technical Inspection and Repairs: Technical inspection and functional testing of electronic components are performed by our technical staff at our company office in Italy. The costs associated with technical inspection, transportation, packaging of spare parts for repair or replacement, as well as labor costs for installing spare parts, are the buyer's responsibility.


Please note that using non-original spare parts or performing technical actions not presented in the "Operation and Maintenance Manual" without the manufacturer's permission voids any warranty obligations. The warranty does not cover parts subject to normal wear and tear or damage caused by improper maintenance during machine operation. In such cases, the buyer cannot claim damages from the manufacturer.


Buyer's Responsibility: Upon delivery, the buyer is responsible for checking that the equipment fully complies with the contractual requirements and is free from any damage caused during transport. If any damage is found, the machine must not be used, and the buyer must notify us within 7 days. The manufacturer's responsibility is limited to reimbursement or replacement of only those parts that are deemed damaged or faulty by the manufacturer. Complete machine replacement is excluded, and the manufacturer is not liable for collateral damage or loss of customers due to a damaged or faulty machine. Damaged or faulty parts are replaced with new ones only after they are received at the factory.


Warranty Exclusions - The following situations are not covered by the warranty:

Accidental damage during transportation.
Damage caused by improper use, negligence, or insufficient maintenance.
Malfunctions resulting from improper machine installation
Unauthorized interventions or malicious interference by third parties.
Problems or damages arising from the absence or poor application of the instructions described in the "Operation and Maintenance Manual".


VAT: VAT is not included in the price.


Commissioning: The cost of installation and commissioning of the machine by our technical staff is 500.00 EUR per day, excluding transport and accommodation expenses.


EU Compliance: All machines come with a printed "Operation and Maintenance Manual" containing the EC Declaration of Conformity and a corresponding nameplate.


Manufacturer's Responsibility: The manufacturer does not bear any responsibility for the misuse of the machine.


Claims: Claims will only be considered if submitted in writing within 7 days of receipt of the goods. The Court of Italy is the legal entity responsible for resolving possible claims.


Delivery of Goods: Delivery of goods without written approval and relevant accompanying documents is not permitted.


Manufacturer: Italy


Factory price EXW: 11.600,00 EUR

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