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Full semi-automatic snack-making line 80 kg/h

Full semi-automatic snack-making line 80 kg/h


Full semi-automatic snack making line 80 kg/h


We offer a complete new italian semi-automatic line for snack production at a capacity of 80 kg/hour. The line consists of individual machines for snack production, depending on their diameter and length. Manual handling is required for twisting and laying out the raw snacks on trays.


The set includes:

Flour sifter. Price EXW: 3.120,00 EUR + packaging 70 EUR.
ITP 50 Spiral Mixer, 2 speeds. Price EXW: 2.200,00 EUR + packaging 70 EUR.
Dough rope forming machine. Price: 11.600,00 EUR + packaging 100 EUR
Proofing chamber. Price: 3.750,00 EUR + packaging 150 EUR.
Electric oven. Price: 11.000,00 EUR + packaging 150 EUR.
Clipper packaging machine. Price EXW: 3.220,00 EUR + printer 1.280,00 EUR.


Trays, scales, and consumables can be purchased in any country. Detailed technical information about each machine is available upon request. These machines are known for their simplicity combined with high reliability and EU quality standards. Packaging options include paper, blister, box, or flow-pack. The equipment can be supplied as individual machines for dough rope forming or as a complete line (from flour sifter to palletizer).


The versatile Model 40 machine is perfect for producing bread snacks. It is specifically designed for making crispy snacks from rice, corn, wheat, mixed grain dough, including gluten-free or flavored additives. The automatic cutting of finished products is performed. All surfaces in contact with the dough are made of stainless steel or Teflon. The output capacity can reach up to 80 kg/hour. The cutter is easily interchangeable and can be removed with two rotating handles.


The N.1 MINI ROTOR EL 4 electric oven has a capacity of 15 trays (40x60). The proofing cabinet, model CLA124, has 1 door for 2 trolleys (40x60).


The semi-automatic pneumatic clipper 408PL is an affordable packaging machine. It requires compressed air and is also available in an electric version.


The maximum speed is up to 30 clips per minute. The machine uses plastic clip bands on rolls. It is equipped with a large display for setting the desired number of clips. An alarm signal is provided when the clip roll reaches its end.


Options: In addition to the clipper, you can order a hot foil printer with adjustable heat transfer temperature. It comes with a pigmented black tape, 35x100 mm, for 20,000 imprints. The brass numbers (H = 3 mm) are easily replaceable. The machine is equipped with alphanumeric stamps.


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