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Pretzel moulder 50 kg/h

Pretzel moulder 50 kg/h

€8,200.00 Regular Price
€7,380.00Sale Price

Pretzel moulder 50 kg/h


The Pretzel Moulder, with a production capacity of 50 kg/h, is a multifunctional machine known as the Automatic model. It is designed to produce a variety of snacks such as pretzels, grissini sticks, bagels, and taralli. Additionally, the company specializes in manufacturing multifunctional automatic pretzel formers and other related equipment.


This specially designed equipment enables the production of crispy snacks using rice, corn, wheat, mixed grain dough, including gluten-free options, and flavor additives. The key to success in this business lies in both the original recipe and attractive packaging.


The machine comprises the following main parts:

Design: It features a folding and compact design.
Cutting tool: Equipped with replaceable rollers.
Equipment platform: Portable for convenience.
The electrical system is housed within the machine structure and is positioned on the panel along with control buttons. It is connected to both the control and power circuits.


Technical specifications of the equipment are as follows:

Model: Modification C (suitable for pretzels or bagels) with a diameter range of 4-24 mm.
Production capacity: Up to 50 kg/h.
Electric power requirement: 0.18 KW.
Weight: 110 kg.
Height: 75 cm.
Length: 70 cm.
Width: 140 cm.


Options: In addition to the matrix installed on the machine (which should be specified when placing an order), other dies are available for different types and diameters of dough ranging from 4-24 mm. A standard order includes one test matrix.


Power supply 220 V, 1 phase +600,00 EUR
Additional stainless steel matrix: 960,00 EUR
Additional matrix with Teflon coating: 850,00 EUR


In different countries, our equipment may have different names: Pretzel moulder 50 kg/h, semi-automatic pretzel machine, semi-automatic pretzel machinery, pretzel production equipment, automatic pretzel machine, pretzel line, pretzel equipments.


Transportation: Shipping costs are borne by the buyer. We offer worldwide delivery to non-sanctioned countries, subject to prior agreement.


Packing: Standard packing includes a wooden pallet and a carton box, included in the product price. Upon request, packing in a wooden box is available for an additional fee of 80,00 EUR.


Warranty: 12 months warranty for mechanical parts and 6 months warranty for electronic parts.


The warranty covers repair or replacement of damaged parts with original spare parts, provided that the machine is used in accordance with the "Operation and Maintenance Manual". Costs associated with technical inspection, functional testing, transportation, packaging, and labor for installation of spare parts are the buyer's responsibility. The warranty does not cover damage caused by non-original spare parts, improper maintenance, normal wear, improper use, or unauthorized interventions.


Buyer Responsibility: The buyer must ensure that the equipment meets all contractual requirements upon delivery and report any transport damages within 7 days. The manufacturer's responsibility is limited to reimbursement or replacement of damaged or faulty parts, as determined by the manufacturer. The manufacturer is not liable for collateral damage or loss of customers due to a damaged or faulty machine. The warranty does not cover accidental damage during transportation, improper use, improper installation, unauthorized interventions, or non-compliance with the "Operation and Maintenance Manual."


VAT: Not included.


Commissioning: Not included. Installation and commissioning by our technical staff are available at a daily cost of EUR 500,00, plus transport and accommodation expenses.


EU Compliance: All machines are accompanied by a printed "Operation and Maintenance Manual" containing the EC Declaration of Conformity and corresponding nameplate.


Manufacturer: Italy


Factory price (EXW): 8.200,00 EUR