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Vertical cutter mixer cooker for melted cheese

Vertical cutter mixer cooker for melted cheese


Vertical cutter mixer cooker for melted cheese


We offer you our new Turkish equipment for the production of processed cheese 1200 liters. The melting of the prepared mixture is carried out in special closed boiler type Stephan. The cheese mass is heated with the help of steam, which is supplied under high pressure directly into the product (steam passes through a filter). At the same time, the mass is mixed with a special blade at a speed 1000 rpm. The melting point is 85–90°C, the product is kept at it for 3–8 minutes. The end of melting is determined according to the state of the mass: it must be homogeneous and sufficiently fluid, without unmelted particles of cheese. Melted cheese mass pumped through pipes and immediately packaged on special machines in various consumer containers. The cheese is then chilled in a refrigerator chamber to a temperature not higher than plus 15°C.


It is ideal for the production of such products as: processed cheese, sausage cheese, cream cheese, condensed milk, ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces, ganache, confectionery fillers, hummus, analog mozzarella, imitation mozzarella and many other little-known national food.


The main functions of the mixers of this series:

Made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel.
Direct injection of steam into the product through nozzles (number of nozzles depends on the model).
Each mixer comes with a mobile dehumidification station (separation), purification (filtration) and regulation of steam pressure.
Steam jacket for heating and cooling the product (automatic control).
Knives (Germany) with adjustable speed from 50 to 3,000 rpm (knives have a special mold for product rotation in the boiler).
Knife shaft seal with water cooling circuit.
Scrapers (for mixing and feeding the product to the knives).
Cooking temperature up to 95 degrees Celsius.
Injection of air into the boiler for complete emptying when draining the product.
Saving recipes by default 10 (optionally more).
Flow meter for automatic water intake according to the recipe.
Vacuum (for cooking under vacuum, for sucking additional raw materials through the holes on the lid from funnels, to suck out bubbles in the finished product, to control pressure and boiler temperature).


Optional features for additional payment:

Manufacture of parts in contact with products made of AISI 316 stainless steel.
Cooking up to 125 degrees in the version with automatic opening and closing of the lid.
Adjustment in % of negative vacuum pressure ratio.
Large floor funnel(s) for feeding dry and liquid ingredients into
cooking process without the need to stop the cooking process and open the boiler lid.
Funnels are supplied with a vibrator.
Automatic loader with two cheburashkas.
Viewing window with wiper and light.
Flow meter for automatic intake of melted fat (butter) according to
recipe without having to stop the brewing process and open the kettle lid.
Valve for regulating the flow rate of oil / fat supply to the boiler.
Buffer tank for preliminary accumulation of finished products for further continuous supply of products to the dispenser. (The buffer tank has a steam jacket, CIP heads, mixer with scrapers, sensor and control knobs temperature).
Vane pump for transferring finished products from cutter to and from buffer tank buffer tank into the dispenser.
Twin screw pumps for transferring finished products from the cutter to and from the buffer tank buffer tank into the dispenser. (Double screw pump is required for thick products or if it is necessary to pump products over long distances or to upper floors building).
Micro cutter (knife homogenizer) for micron grinding / homogenization of the product.


Transport: Buyer is responsible for shipping to any non-sanctioned country worldwide.


Packaging: Standard cardboard box packaging is already included in the price of your order.


Warranty: The warranty period for new equipment is 12 months for mechanical parts and 6 months for electronic components.


Electronic component checks are performed by technical staff at our company's office in Turkey. Expenses related to technical inspections, functionality checks, transportation, and packaging of spare parts for repair or replacement, as well as labor costs for installing spare parts, are the responsibility of the buyer.


Repair or replacement of machine parts with non-original spare parts voids any manufacturer warranties. This also applies to technical actions not provided for in the machine's "Operation and Maintenance Manual" or those performed without the manufacturer's permission. Machine parts subject to natural wear and tear or improper maintenance during machine operation are not covered by warranty. In all of the aforementioned situations, the buyer cannot demand compensation from the manufacturer.


The buyer must ensure that upon delivery to the destination, the equipment fully complies with contractual requirements and that no damage occurred during transport. Otherwise, the client should not use the machine and must notify us within 7 days. The manufacturer's liability is limited to reimbursement or replacement of only those parts that, in the manufacturer's opinion, are defective or non-functional. If damaged or defective machine parts are discovered, the complete replacement of the machine is excluded, and the manufacturer is not responsible for any collateral damage or customer loss due to a faulty machine. Defective parts are replaced with new ones only after receipt at the manufacturer's facility.


The following situations are not covered by the warranty:

Accidental damage during transportation.
Damage caused by improper machine use or negligence and inadequate technical maintenance.
Malfunctions resulting from incorrect machine installation.
Interventions performed by unauthorized third parties or other malicious interference.

The company is not responsible for problems, damage, or incidents arising from the absence or improper application of instructions described in the "Operation and Maintenance Manual" for the machine. Any machine use or intervention that does not conform to the aforementioned manual should be considered incorrect and inappropriate.

VAT: Not included.


Installation and Setup: Not included. The cost of machine installation and setup performed by technical personnel is 450.00 EUR per day, plus transportation and accommodation expenses.


EU Compliance: All machines come with a printed "Operation and Maintenance Manual" containing a certificate of compliance with EU standards and the corresponding label.


Liability: The manufacturer is not liable for improper machine use.


Claims: Any potential claims will be considered only if submitted in writing within 7 days of receiving the product. The legal entity responsible for resolving potential claims is the court in Turkey.


Product Delivery: Product delivery is not permitted without prior written agreement and the corresponding accompanying documents.


Manufacturer: Turkey


Factory price EXW: from 335.500,00 EUR

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