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Kazakhstan 2019. Celebrating our Sweet Triumph!

Kazakhstan 2019:
Celebrating our Sweet Triumph!
Introducing the world's first sugar-free chocolate made from mare's milk powder.
Awarded by the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition, this groundbreaking creation earned a prestigious medal at the Food Expo Qazaqstan exhibition in 2019.

In 2019, Kazakhstan achieved a remarkable milestone, earning global acclaim for the world's first sugar-free chocolate crafted from mare's milk powder. This groundbreaking creation has garnered widespread attention and accolades, proudly showcasing the innovation and dedication of Kazakh expertise.

The Kazakh Academy of Nutrition placed an order for a complete chocolate production line from our company, recognizing the quality and perfection that German craftsmanship brought to this exceptional product.

The photographs capture the essence of our achievement, featuring the delectable sugar-free chocolate itself, the passionate team behind its creation, and the prestigious award proudly received at the Foodexpo Qazaqstan exhibition in 2019.

This extraordinary accomplishment stands as a testament to Kazakhstan's ingenuity in the world of confectionery, and we embrace this triumph as a symbol of our continued commitment to excellence and innovation.

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