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When Weighing the Pros and Cons is Crucial

A Year of Reflection: When Weighing the Pros and Cons is Crucial. About a year-long deliberation process before delivering Italian equipment for crouton and grissini production in Ukraine and how this carefully considered project sparked innovation in the Ukrainian food industry.

Sometimes, making the right decision requires time. Such was the case with one of our projects involving the supply of Italian equipment to Ukraine. It took a whole year to reach a final decision. Over that year, we engaged in extensive discussions with our client, provided consultations, and contemplated the end product.

The client in this project was "Polino-Ukraine," which had secured an agreement to sell small croutons in the "AUCHAN" supermarket chain. After the contract was approved and payment made, we began manufacturing the equipment in Italy. Interestingly, the client decided to handle the transportation to Ukraine themselves, a decision made before russia's invasion of Ukraine and Crimea.

After the equipment was installed and operational, the client successfully started producing delicious croutons and grissini. This marked the beginning for one of the first companies in Ukraine to venture into crouton and grissini production, highlighting the importance of careful consideration and decision-making in the world of business.

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